Contactor accessories ANDELI brand: Thermal Overload Relays, Coils, 2-Pole and 4-Pole Auxiliary Contacts



  • Thermal Overload Relays to suit CJX2N-xxx contactors normally in stock are: (Please let me know if you need another size)
Part number Current range
JR28N-25-D01 0.10A-0.16A
JR28N-25-D02 0.16A-0.25A
JR28N-25-D03 0.25A-0.40A
JR28N-25-D04 0.40A-0.63A
JR28N-25-D05 0.63A-1A
JR28N-25-D06 1A-1.6A
JR28N-25-D07 1.6A-2.5A
JR28N-25-D08 2.5A-4.0A
JR28N-25-D10 4A-6A
JR28N-25-D12 5.5A-8A
JR28N-25-D14 7A-10A
JR28N-25-D16 9A-13A
JR28N-25-D21 12A-18A
JR28N-25-D22 16A-24A
JR28N-25-D35 30A-38A
  • Coil Voltages available to suit CJX2N-xxx contactors:
Part number Coil Voltage
  • Auxiliary Contacts Available:
Part number Features
F4-11 2-Pole – 1N/O and 1N/C
F4-22 4-Pole – 2N/O and 2N/C

QXC2-xxx DOL Direct Online starters ANDELI brand: AC-3 inductive load ratings between 09Amps and 32Amps


Features and Benefits:

  • The 9A, 12A, 18A versions use the enclosure on the left. The 25A and 32A versions use the enclosure on the right – both are a very low cost solution for motor starting and control.
  • Available with 240V and 415V coils by default – other coils in stock are:
Part number Coil Voltage
LX1-D2B7 24V
LX1-D2E7 48V
LX1-D2U7 240V
LX1-D2N7 415V
LX1-D2R7 440V
  • Chart below shows motor rating and default thermal overload relay used:
Part number AC-3 rating Motor KW Rating Default Coil Default Thermal Overload Relay Used
QCX2-09-240 09A 4KW 240V 1.6A-2.5A
QCX2-09-415 09A 4KW 415V 1.6A-2.5A
QCX2-12-240 12A 5.5KW 240V 2.5A-4.0A
QCX2-12-415 12A 5.5KW 415V 2.5A-4.0A
QCX2-18-240 18A 7.5KW 240V 4.0A-6.0A
QCX2-18-415 18A 7.5KW 415V 4.0A-6.0A
QCX2-25-240 25A 11KW 240V 7.0A-10A
QCX2-25-415 25A 11KW 415V 7.0A-10A
QCX2-32-240 32A 15KW 240V 12A-18A
QCX2-32-415 32A 15KW 415V 12A-18A

Contactors CJX2N-xxx ANDELI brand: 3-Poles plus 1 Normally Open or Normally Closed Contact


Features and benefits:

  • Made of fire retardant durable plastic so doesn’t melt as easily
  • Has insulation around coil which keeps coil protected
  • Has normally open or normally closed changeover contacts for the 4th pole to control the circuit 2 ways
  • AC-3 (inductive load) range labelled and part numbered accordingly to easily remember (eg CJX2N-09 for a 9A AC-3 rated contactor): 09-150 Amps
  • AC-1 (resistive load) range labelled on side so can be easily seen: 20-250 Amps
  • Conversion chart between AC-3 and AC-1 rating as for the following contactors:
Part number AC-3 AC-1
CJX2N-09 9A 20A
CJX2N-12 12A 20A
CJX2N-18 18A 32A
CJX2N-25 25A 40A
CJX2N-32 32A 50A
CJX2N-65 65A 80A
CJX2N-95 95A 125A
CJX2N-150 150A 250A

RTHN1 Room heat / cool thermostat 10C – 30C – can be used to control temperature to comfort people, pets or reptiles

RTHN1 Room heat / cool thermostat 10C – 30C – can be used to control temperature to comfort people, pets or reptiles


Benefits of this room thermostat is:

  • 16A rated which means the contacts can handle up to 3600W of power at 240V. Will also last longer at lower wattages as the contacts are large enough to handle the current. We are so confident with this product, we will give a 12 month replacement warranty for use with wattages under 2400W which is the maximum under a 10A plug when used on a 240V electrical line.
  • Wide temperature range 10C to 30C for comfort of people, pets and reptiles
  • Has contacts that can be used for heating or cooling appliances
  • Has indicator light to tell whether on or off
  • European made technology so you get the best thermostat on the market!

Element GA26A000 fan forced heater element as used in some Westinghouse Simpson and Chef Ovens 2200W 240V

Element GA26A000 fan forced heater element as used in some Westinghouse Simpson and Chef Ovens 2200W 240VGA26A000

GA26A000 element also commonly known as 0122004506 1224506 10318 EG10318

  • glows red hot when connected and power on
  • controlled by a thermostat (not shown but can be sourced through us)
  • best to check model number of Simpson Westinghouse and Chef Oven which can be found in between the hinges of the oven
  • also check that fan is blowing at reasonable speed on to the element as sometimes that can cause element failure. Fan can also be sourced through us


Robertshaw ST12-80 ST1205113 Surface Mounted Hot Water Thermostat also known as ST12-80K replaces W1M2/80

60C-80C Thermostat Surface Mounted for controlling a single hot water element


Also known as ST1205113. Sometimes this thermostat will have a yellow knob instead of pink. The green knob version controls 50C-70C. Used in many of the popular electric hot water services such as Rheem, Dux, Rinnai just to name a few.


  • Controls element to heat water between 60C to 80C
  • 4-terminals to save wiring confusion – 2 terminals to element and one each for active and neutral – wiring diagram included
  • Has safety over temperature cut out at 84C so that water doesn’t boil in the event the thermostat fails
  • Rated to 30 Amps so can control up to 6KW on a 240Volt electrical line
  • Can be used with 5-terminal thermostats to control a second element in the tank
  • Surface mounted means it senses the heat on the side of the tank so no need for an internal probe